Bid Package Preparation

Provide complete bid analysis to the contractor and timely prepare bid packages. Provide preconstruction services which include submittal preparation.

Tender document analysis is the first step in preparing an appropriate offer. Only a well-analyzed tender document can serve as the foundation for an appropriate offer. If you have any doubts after reading the tender document and are unsure how to make your offer, this service is for you.

If there is an important upcoming tender and you want to ensure that the content of your offer is correct, the first step you must take is to carefully read the tender document and create a checklist. If you want to be absolutely certain about the checklist you have in front of you, all you have to do is request clarification of the tender document from our team and let our experts do it for you.

After receiving the request, our team gathers a few documents and gets to work on the issue. The paper will be thoroughly examined, and at the conclusion, we’ll let you know what proof you need and where to find it.

We’ll caution you to read the “little letters” and to look out for any potential problems in the tender document. Our team is available at any moment during the offer preparation process, and once the analysis of the tender documents is complete, you will be informed of the findings. We are working to clear up any questions you may have so that we can jointly create the best offer.