Project Control

Our project controls processes improve project performance by measuring project status and then forecasting likely outcomes based on those measurements enabling management to make informed data driven choices. We can partner with you throughout the entire process, including during planning, budgeting, risk management, change management, forecasting and performance management and document control and administration.

To guarantee that projects are delivered within the projected budget, time, and risk parameters, QES offers complete and comprehensive project control services from project initiation to project close-out. To help project management make decisions and effectively influence the timeline and budget of projects, we offer accurate and timely information, data analysis, and recommendations. QES provides efficient planning, monitoring, and reporting services with more than 30 years of expertise focusing in project controls to bolster and realise clients’ objectives.

From project inception to project close-out, QES offers dependable programme and project management services, ensuring that projects are delivered on schedule, under budget, and in accordance with plans and specifications. Our technological know-how has been put to use on a wide range of projects, from simple to complicated, with a focus on infrastructure for the transportation, aviation, facilities, and utilities sectors.

Numerous clients of QES have benefited from its project management supervision services on nationwide complicated transportation projects. As a Project Management Oversight (PMO) Contractor, QES serves as the client’s eyes and ears to make sure the project’s goals—including its scope, cost, schedule, quality, and safety—are being met. We offer the well-considered viewpoints required to help clients make wise decisions, and we offer grantees the best possible technical assistance with added value so that projects can be successful.

Using our project controls services, you will realize:

  • Reduced project costs through ability to make timely decisions using KPIs
  • Increased project predictability for cost and completion date
  • Increased visibility into the financial health of the project at all stages
  • Ability to mitigate project scope creep
  • Meaningful benchmarking data for future projects via well-structured projects
  • Increased margins when working in a fixed-price environment
  • Increased job satisfaction for project team members